Our aim is to prove what we believe in and our actions always start with why.


We believe everything we do change the way people think, feel and do. Not compromising on aesthetic and always going the extra mile, Solutio works for people, with people.

We are not boring or average, we challenge mediocracy and though we are doing extremely well, but still remain nice.


Not compromising on aesthetic and always going the extra mile, Solutio works based on flexible business model to support a variety of clients.

Competitive +

Solutio, unlike worldwide networks agencies, offers lower fees which reduces the final costs, but not the quality of the delivered product.

Equity +

Solutio, instead of standard method "fee for service" invests knowledge, experience and resources to help you achieve your goal in exchange for an equitable share of the startup business.

Social +

Solutio collaborates with culture organizations, charities and social purpose companies with in-kind arrangement or reduced fees with in-kind support.

People count on us to deliver our best work, not its compromised versions.


Working for people, with people, Solutio helps you to define your advantage, create and capture new customer value, implement the design as a vital part of your company culture and to inspire cultural change.

Competitive Advantage +

Solutio understands what differentiates you on the market and manages to emphasize and implement that as your competitive advantage among the competitors.

Customer Value +

Solutio defines the strategy which enables you to reach your full potential in order to create and capture new customer value.

Design Culture+

Solutio helps you to reach more customers, retain existing ones and redefine your brand with the design implementation as a vital part of your company culture.

Cultural Change +

Solutio inspires cultural change, motivates people to embrace it and follow your vision. This change occurs tops down and bottoms up.

Building a strong team and a strong culture is a hugely important part of building a great long-term product.


Through extensive experience working with some of the top agencies and brands in Europe, we bridge the gap between creative and strategy, brand and product.

It is all about constant adaption, revision and change. We embrace it like a part of the path to success.

We build solutions designed to create results, change the way people think, feel and do.

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